TP’s Pilot Logbook

Hi All!

I have created an Excel logbook for pilots that I hope might help some people.


  • up to 10,000 entries in this version
  • totals hours, past 6 months and past 12 months
  • easy to use entry form to automatically enter your data into the spreadsheet

Note: This is a bata version and I would appreciate any feedback or bugs. This is a light weight spreadsheet that allows the user to make changes. I have locked the spreadsheet to protect formatting, but there is no password if you want to unlock and make changes.

I can customize a logbook if you request.

TP’s Pilot Logbook Version 2

6 Responses

  1. HI tim,

    Just had a look at your log book – awesome! It’s almost what I’m looking for. What would be good is a total of time broken up by type – but that could be a lot of work adding that in.


  2. Hi Tom,

    Very nice electronic logbook. I am wondering if you could customize a logbook for me?


  3. Hi!

    Very cool logbook. Best Excel based one I have come across. I use LibreOffice and the “Click here to add flights” button opens up a window but there is no where to enter anything. Any ideas on how to get it working?


  4. Hey,

    Logbook looks great!

    Only thing I could use is columns for Single Engine Copilot day / night.

    Could you custom make that?


  5. hi thank you very much for the use of the excel logbook!. I was wondering if you could explain how the 6 months and 12 months columns work? None of my numbers are working for them. thanks for your help!