Pilot Incapacitation


The Australian Safety Bureau has published an interesting report on Pilot Incapacitation from data collected between 2010 and 2014. The data included incidents reported in Australia and on Australian registered aircraft.

Pilot incapacitation is when a pilot is unable to continue their duties due to a medical related issue or a change in the working environment. This can range from full incapacitation, being unable to perform any duties, to partial incapacitation where a pilot is able to perform limited duties. Continue reading Pilot Incapacitation

Introduction to De-icing and Anti-icing for Canadian Pilots

Photo: Alex Pereslavtsev (Licence Agreement)

Every Canadian pilot is familiar with the dangers of ice, frost or snow adhering to their aircraft. Removing these contaminates after a snow storm or on a frosty morning is something every student pilot has done. Depending on the best practices for the aircraft type you may have used brushes, mops, ropes, or a basic de-icing fluid. Continue reading Introduction to De-icing and Anti-icing for Canadian Pilots

Great Pilot Shirts That Fit

When buying a pilot shirt you know there is a problem when the only information you need to provide is neck size. For those of us who are on the skinny side this is more so an issue as basic pilot shirts tend to accommodate all pilot sizes, thin to “not-so-thin”. For me, these shirts are baggy, they feel uncomfortable and look sloppy. Not a great look for someone responsible for passenger safety. Continue reading Great Pilot Shirts That Fit