Boeing 777-X or 787-10

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While Boeing continues to work toward a fix for the troubled 787 battery issues there is a development regarding a larger version of the famous Boeing 777.

Boeing is no doubt focusing on the 787 fix for the moment,  but there is a question about if Boeing will pursue the 787-10, a stretched version, or the a larger 777 version first.  Big 777 customers are likely pushing Boeing for an updated version. Recent shifts in management to the 777-X program show signs of progress.

According to the conceptional 777-X could see the following changes:

  • increased wingspan to 71 meters (233′), (777-200LR & -300ER 64.8 meters) (777-300 & -200ER 61 meters)
    • greater wingspan then 747-800
  • 3 potential versions 777-9X -8X and -8XL
  • 777-9X
    • 76.48 meter (250′) long, (stretch of the 777-300ER)
    • General Electric GE9X engines, 99,500lbs. thrust
    • 759,000lbs. max takeoff weight
    • 407 passengers in 3 classes
  • 777-8X
    • 69.55 meters (228′) long, (stretch of the 777-200ER)
    • General Electric GE9X engines, derated to  88,000lbs. thrust
    • 630,000lbs. max takeoff weight
    • 353 passengers in 3 classes
    • 777-8XL (ultra long-range) 9,480 nm
  • 21% improvement in per seat fuel burn
  • interior expand 10cm without fuselage expansion
    • 10 abreast seating

Boeing has not officially launched this aircraft for sale, and is waiting for board approval. Speculation suggests the board will approve this aircraft within weeks. Even if the board does approve, Boeing will still consult with 777 customers before an official launch. If everything goes to plan the 777-X could enter service by the end of the decade. Only time will tell if an update to the “World’s Greatest Aircraft” will happen.

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