Free Online IFR Ground School Course – Holding

Are you getting ready to start IFR ground school? Please enjoy this free online IFR Ground School course on Holding.

You will be able to navigate through this course at your own pace . Each subject has a lesson, practice questions and exercises to help reinforce your learning. At the end this course there is a completion quiz to confirm your knowledge.  This course does include sound. This course is also available for iPad online and offline viewing using the Articulate app. Most content of these lessons are base on various resources that can be found in the resource tab in the top right corner.

Course Content:

  • Holding General
  • Hold Clearances
  • Flying Holds
  • Completion Quiz

If you have any questions or feedback you can email [email protected].

IFR Ground School - Holding - Screenshot - Open Course


This course can also be viewed using the Articulate App for iPad, even offline! Open the course using your iPad and you will be prompted to download the app.

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3 Responses

  1. The drag and drop hold entries question doesn’t work in the lesson or in the final quiz. And the feedback link is broken, maybe intentionally since the holds lesson is free. Otherwise it’s a nicely done course.

    • Thanks Melvin for your feedback. I did correct the feedback link. I am currently not working on creating eLearning content at this time, but I am happy to answer any questions related to IFR or aviation.