NAV CANADA To Implement New Flight Plan Format


Beginning on September 15, 2012 NAV CANADA will begin transitions to the new flight plan format outlined by ICAO. By November15, 2012 all flight plans will follow this new format. This new format is to conform with existing and future aircraft equipment and capabilities.

Here some of the significant changes: (not complete list)

  • flight plans can be submitted 120 hours before departure (not in North America)
  • aircraft identification consists of alphanumeric symbols only
  • standard equipment no longer includes ADF
  • equipment “B” is for LPV
  • equipment “G” for GNSS must also include augmentation in NAV box
  • if departure point has no identifier place ZZZZ in box and insert name and location of aerodrome or first point on route in box 18 after DEP/
  • route can include significant points

Visit NAV CANADA’s Flight Plan 2012 for more information.