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Canada’s proposed changes to pilot rest and duty regulations are still in Canada Gazette (waiting for a Parliamentary vote). If the changes are approved there would be significant changes to pilot rest and duty regulations. Instead of straight line rules (maximum of 14 hours duty or a minimum of 8 hours sleep) there are many variables that need to be taken into account. Some of the proposed changes include:

  • more comprehensive flight duty period rules
  • restrictions on duty during a year, month and week
  • reduction of maximum flight time during a year
  • more comprehensive rest requirements between flight duty periods

I have created a learning tool that I hope will help you understand the new rules. This learning tool does not include all the changes proposed in Canada Gazette, just the changes relevant to pilots. This is still in a beta testing mode and not 100% complete, so please let me know if you see anything not right by commenting below. Click the link to Version 1 BETA below.

**The tool works best on a computer.

Version 1.3 BETA – May 14, 2018 (Flash)

Version 1.3 BETA – May 14, 2018 (HTML5)

See something wrong or have a question? Comment below and remember to note the version number.

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2 thoughts on “Canadian Pilot New Rest and Duty Learning Tool – Beta”

  1. Version 1.0 Beta HTML5 running on Winodws/Chrome:

    “About” section, the first line of the hyperlink to the Gazette is not clickable

    “Maximum Flight Duty Period” section, for the “30 to 50 minutes”, ” More than 50 minutes”, and “All Flights are Day VFR” seletions, the “acclimatized”, and “time zone” links are not clickable. “flight duty period” link brings up “acclimatized” definition.

    “Maximum Duty Time” sections shows just a blank page with just the “Reset” button

    Version 1.0 Beta HTML5 running on iOS 11.3.1/Safari:

    Zoom and resizing seem to be broken

    1. Thanks Sam, the links not working and the blank page have been corrected. The zoom issue is, unfortunately, an issue with HTML5 and smart phones.

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