NTSB report on Gulfstream IV overrun

The National Transportation Safety Board of the United States recently released the accident report for a Gulfstream IV that overran during a rejected takeoff at Laurence G. Hanscom Field (BED), Bedford, Massachusetts. This was a highly publicized accident because one of the passengers was Lewis Katz. Continue reading NTSB report on Gulfstream IV overrun

Sunscreen & Sunglasses are a Must for Pilots

The danger of sun exposure is proven and is understood by most people. Being exposed to the sun, and its ultraviolet (UV) radiation can have short and long term effects. There is a direct link between sun exposure and certain times of skin cancer and eye damage. Continue reading Sunscreen & Sunglasses are a Must for Pilots

Carbon Monoxide and Aircraft

A few years ago I was flying in a northern community in a turbine aircraft. While the aircraft was sitting on the ground, it was hooked up to a fuel-burning heating cart. About an hour before departure I went to the aircraft to get ready for our return flight home. When the cabin door was opened, an overwhelming smell of exhaust washed over me. It was clear that something was wrong with the air cart. It could have had an internal malfunction, or the air intake was drawing air from the exhaust. We let the aircraft air out before we re-entered. Even after the aircraft had been given time to air out there was a distinctive residual smell of exhaust for the rest of the day, and I had a strong headache. I was likely exposed to carbon monoxide. Continue reading Carbon Monoxide and Aircraft

Are your pilots playing Angry Birds?

Are your pilots playing Angry Birds? Hopefully not. The next time you get on a flight you may see your pilots and cabin crew members using iPads. Airlines are always looking for creative ways to make their operation more efficient and safe. iPads in the flight deck and cabin offer the advantages of reducing weight and making access to information faster. Continue reading Are your pilots playing Angry Birds?