I have created a Google Sheet to help intern architects in NS record their work hours experience. Below you will find step by step instructions on how to get and use these. A Google account is required.

The concept is that you enter your work experience into the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will organize your date and break down your hour achievements.


  1. Enter the name of projects on the “Project List” sheet.
  2. Enter your work you do on each line on the “Record of Experience” sheet. Use the drop down menu under Project and Type of Work columns to correctly record your work.
  3. You can see your totals on the “Totals” sheet. Use the drop down menu high lighted in red to see hour achievements for each project. You can also select a date range in the other red highlighted boxes to see work completed between two dates.


  • What does the red shaded cells in the spreadsheet mean?
    • The red shaded cells mean two things, either information is missing, or in the case of the hours, your hours are below the required. Red shaded hour cells will turn green once you have the required hours.
  • Need more help? Send me an email: tom@tompaul.ca