Costa Rican Vacation

After weeks and weeks of working and flying, especially a long string of heavy travel times (Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas) in Canada’s not so cooperative winter, the thought of going on¬†vacation is a nice one. But where to go? When I do have a stretch of days off, people ask, “are you going anywhere?” Normally the only place I want to go on my days off is home, away from the airports and all the fun (sarcasm) associated with travel.

However, as I do work for an airline and am extremely fortunate to have travel benefits a long stretch of days off seemed too good to waste at home watching the snow. So, I flipped to the back pages of the in-flight magazine on a commute flight home. Where to go? It had to be warm, in the route network, have a flight schedule that would work out of Halifax, not too resorty, safe, and full of a mix of things to do.

Libera, Costa Rica!

It had to be warm – check (March is at the beginning of Costa Rica’s hot season). It had to be on the airline’s route network – check. It had to have a flight schedule that would work from Halifax – check (0630 departure with a connection in Toronto and into Liberia before 2 pm). It had to be not too resorty¬†– check (there are some beautiful resorts but also many affordable hotels, rentals and Airbnb). It had to be safe – check (Costa Rica is the most stable country in Central America and generally safe for tourists). It had to have a full mix of things to do – check (Costa Rica is known for its amazing outdoor adventures, landscapes, beaches, surfing, jungle, and nature).

Over the next couple weeks, I will be blogging about our trip and some useful things to know when traveling to Costa Rica.

  • What to bring to Liberia, Costa Rica (coming soon)
  • Renting a car in Costa Rica (coming soon)
  • Driving in Costa Rica (coming soon)
  • Booking tours and adventure on Costa Rica (coming soon)
  • Resort, hotel or Airbnb in Costa Rica (coming soon)

Here is a little preview of some things we got up to: