Transport Canada Proposes New Fatigue Rules

This September Transport Canada has finally tabled a proposal to change existing fatigue rules for flight crew. These new rules are meant to be more inline with the science of fatigue and follow the lead of other countries. Other countries that have already made changes to their fatigue rules include Australia, the United Sates, India, […]

Free Online IFR Ground School Course – Holding

Are you getting ready to start IFR ground school?┬áPlease enjoy this free online IFR Ground School course on Holding. You will be able to navigate through this course at your own pace . Each subject has a lesson, practice questions and exercises to help reinforce your learning. At the end this course there is a […]

Understanding Commercial Approach Ban for Canadian Operators

Canada’s approach ban rules are more complicated under commercial operations than in general aviation. In this post I hope to explain how to interpret the approach ban for commercial operators, with and without an Operations Specification (ops spec). When you are ready you can try this interactive Commercial Approach Ban Quiz Quick Review Commercial operators […]